Invisalign (express 5 aligners)$2,000.00
New Patient Visit (complete exam, oral cancer screen, full set of digital x-rays, photos, professional dental cleaning)$295.00
Veneers (cosmetic veneers or crowns (front of the mouth)$2,000.00
Crowns (Zirconia layered porcelain crown-no metal)$1,250.00
Full mouth deep cleaning (all four quadrants, 1-2 visits)$800.00
Oral Cancer Screen (patients over 40, smokers, tobacco use, cannabis use...typically included in a new patient exam)$50.00
Retainer (clear retainer to maintain current bite, acts as night guard as well)$450.00
Tooth Extractions (simple extractions are priced at $250 but more complicated surgical extractions are 300-400)$300.00
Dental Implant Crown (custom abutment and crown (done 3-6 months after surgical placement)$2,000.00
In-office teeth whitening package (in-office laser whitening (45 mins), custom take-home bleach trays with gel, a tube of super smile professional whitening toothpaste)$500.00
Tooth Colored Filling (replaces metal filling or to fill a cavity, repair a broken tooth, price varies based on size and extent of tooth repair)$250.00
Emergency Dental Visit (limited exam and x-rays of specific oral related symptoms...fee can be waived or credited back for treatment)$150.00