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Reasons To Consider Using Porcelain Fillings In Culver City

For approximately 150 years, your dentist has made use of amalgam or silver when filling tooth cavities. The substance is relatively easy to care for and cheaper than other materials.

Metallic fillings have several negative aspects; research has shown that silver fillings can contract and expand due to a cold or cold condition in the mouth. The surrounding tooth can be damaged when the metal expands under higher temperatures. In a situation where the heat is low, the metal can contract and give way to germs and acids into the tooth cavity.

When talking about porcelain dental fillings, it can mean onlays or inlays depending on the part of the tooth that is being used. Onlays are performed when there is considerable damage to the tooth which requires the porcelain to replace or/and cover a more prominent part of the tooth structure including pointy or cusp aspect of the tooth. Inlays, on the other hand, are performed when the cusps of the tooth are infected, and the porcelain can be placed in the inner aspect of the tooth structure or into the center.

Among patients who are concerned about their pleasing aesthetic and oral hygiene, porcelain fillings have become an increasingly better and accessible option. Here is some top reason to consider porcelain for any form of tooth cavity as well to find replacing old metallic fillings with porcelain fillings in Culver city.

They Appear Presentable

Porcelain is a versatile substance that can perfectly blend with the natural teeth color. This advantage implies that you can open your teeth wide and smile without having to worry that others will notice any dental work. It is resistant to stain and very durable because it can last several years without replacement. Porcelain can be made to perfectly fit on a wide variety of cavities and tooth shapes making it ideal for reparative purposes. It is perfect for correcting medium or small-sizes holes that result from tooth decay. It can be shaped and smoothed to resemble a natural tooth once the substance is applied.

Maintains Healthy Tooth Tissue

One significant disadvantage with mental fillings is that the substance does not form stable bond well with the teeth. When metallic fillers are placed on the tooth, undamaged enamel is mostly removed with the damaged tooth. This case is not so with porcelain fillings in Culver city as the substance is firmly attached to the teeth.

Prevents Bacteria Buildup

There are no spaces that allow germs and saliva to find their way into the tooth cavities where they incur more damage because porcelain fillings bond firmly with the natural teeth. When paired with proper eating and brushing habits, a lot of dental issues can be prevented with porcelain fillings in Culver city.

High Durability

Porcelain is well known for its durability in dental applications. Veneers and crowns which can last for decades are made from the same substance due to its capability to withstand the high pressure and force of grinding and biting. When you choose porcelain fillings, you can expect the same result.


Many individuals find the exposure to mercury uncomfortable and inconvenient although when in amalgam fillings, it is deemed harmless by the FDA.

In Conclusion

Metallic fillings may be less expensive than porcelain fillings, but the many advantages of porcelain are much more than the added cost in all ramifications.


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