Tobacco, coffee, and eating too much candy can all take their toll on your teeth, and they can become stained and unsightly as a result. It is a confidence booster to know you have a bright, white smile, and for this reason, many people seek out the procedures of cosmetic dentistry. New techniques in cosmetic dentistry now make it affordable to anyone who wishes these procedures to renew their smile. Century Smile offers you many possibilities to regain a pearly white smile in Culver City teeth whitening all performed by the capable hands of our dentists. Many special toothpastes and formulas promise to have the answer to whitening your teeth, but few really provide the long-term results that you will get at a professional dentist.

Many people still fear a visit to the dentist, and this is more due to the psychological factors reminiscent of painful, old dental procedures. Times have certainly changed and new, state-of-the-art pain reduction techniques allow all dentistry work to be relatively painless. Culver City teeth whitening is a painless method of using special bleaches that penetrate your teeth to make them white again. Your teeth are first prepared and polished so that the process is effective and long-lasting. A bright, white set of teeth makes for a great smile, and after teeth whitening in Culver City with Century Smile you will get back your confidence again. If you are still really fearful then you can choose oral sedation dentistry that Century Smile is licensed to perform on both adults and children.

When you are looking for a qualified Culver City Teeth whitening dentist then you cannot make a better choice than using the services of Century Smile. You can read on this website that we have the credentials to be one of the leading cosmetic dental practices able to offer you a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to give you back the fresh, white smile for which you are looking. A great smile enhances your appearance, and you can come to our Culver City teeth whitening cosmetic dentist and he will explain what is involved in repairing your teeth, and will make suggestions for the best options to suit your problem.

There are a variety of other cosmetic dentistry teeth enhancing procedures that Century Smile can perform, and this website provides you with information and background about them, so that you can make an informed choice of what you think is suitable for you. Cosmetic dentistry and Culver City teeth whitening are not expensive procedures. You may alternatively wish for tooth implants or complete smile makeovers, and if so, Century Smile will let you know of the costs involved, and also provide you with some suggestions for financing if your dental plans do not cover them. It does not matter whether you are coming to Culver City for teeth whitening, or for a regular dentist checkup. After enjoying the empathetic services of a highly qualified dentist, you will lose your fear of coming to the dentist.