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Employer-based dental PPO insurance

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Century Smile is in-network with most or all PPO dental plans, as well as a few major HMO plans. We are also happy to work with patients who do not have dental insurance or have limited coverage. Prevention is the key to avoiding pain and long-term systemic health problems. Not seeing a dentist for regular check-ups and care, will only make conditions worse and costs higher.
Dental insurance is a helpful tool to assist with the cost of dental care but keep in mind; dental insurance has its limits. Understanding your plan and how to maximize your dental benefits is crucial to avoid surprises and be fully prepared. Our highly experienced team can assist you with picking the right dental plan, understanding your coverage and strategizing your treatment plan and visits to maximize coverage.

Types of dental coverage


  • Employer-based dental PPO insurance typically has an ideal level coverage.
  • Yearly maximum: $1,000-$5,000
  • The insurance dictates fees for services, not the dental office.
  • Deductibles range from $25-$100 per year.
  • Preventative & diagnostic (X-rays, exams, basic cleanings) 80%-100%
  • Basic (fillings, deep cleaning, root canals, oral surgery) 60%-100%
  • Major (crowns, partial crowns, bridge, implant, dentures) 50%-80%
  • Orthodontics is a lifetime benefit paid at 50% and has a separate maximum $1000-$2500

Non-Employer based PPO dental insurance can be hit or miss. Our experience shows that dental plans outside of employer-based benefits have a low yearly maximum ($500), higher fees, and more limits. Cost analysis show patients are better office paying into health savings account for dental care.

PPO Dual Coverage

If you and your spouse each have separate dental PPO available with dependent coverage, dual coverage allows the dental office to bill each plan, covering most if not all of the patient’s responsibility.


HMO managed care plans are the last type of insurance you should pick, given a choice.  They really don’t cover or pay for services. It’s more like a discount plan and anything not listed, is not discounted.  Employers and insurance companies push HMO plans. The dental office and the patient are left with complicated rules, limits and frustration.  There are some dental HMO plans that are fair to everyone involved but for the most part, avoid choosing a dental HMO plan. Our practice will be phasing out all HMO plans by next year. 

Supplemental dental plans

AFLAC Dental is a good stand alone or supplemental dental plan to consider. It cost about $40 a month and provides as much as $1800 per year in benefits. The downside is waiting periods of 6-12 months for certain procedures.

Health savings account

Some employers offer special accounts to help with out of pocket medical expenses.  Pre-taxed dollars from each paycheck are diverted into an account.  This money can be used to cover dental co-pays. There are limits to how much you can save away and penalties if not used within 12 months.

Care Credit

Care Credit is not a dental insurance but does allow for monthly, no interest payments. 

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